The Voice of DeFi

Projects needs more than just a simple twitter presence. Communities now demand that they are informed and entertained on a near daily basis. Contact The Voice of DeFi to learn how you can maximize your communities potential.

What I Do

AMA Host

Excels at making guests feel comfortable in an interview-like setting. I can use the AMA to both educate and entertain the community about a project.

Weekly Updates

Communitites are needing more than a simple announcement on Discord. They are wanting a discussion of what is happening at least weekly. I discuss and update your community on what is happening with the project and can help to get the word out on important milestones.


An epic trailer can hype up your community before it even launches. A good voiceover or narration can help to explain difficult concepts or simply can add value to your content.


Sometimes a blog post isn’t enough. I can narrate your blog posts to give them an “audio book” feel. The narrations produced can be used for YouTube or any other social media to create an extended reach for your project.



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